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Campus and Sports Events is a company that since 2010 has positioned itself as the first national company to produce and organize campuses and sports events. In 11 years, more than 10,000 participants of 100 different nationalities have participated in our sporting events. We make sports leisure a first level program where each participant is the center of a comprehensive experience. Each project is a 360º immersion in the values of each brand, for this reason we adapt its design to the specific needs and objectives of institutions and companies.

During our trajectory, together with a team of professionals with a great sense of belonging, we have worked with a rigorous quality dimension. Our events are of excellent human and technical quality, guaranteeing that the values that represent us are transmitted to our participants in the various programs we offer.

We are currently developing four sports projects nationally and internationally: Campus Experience Fundación Real Madrid, Real Valladolid International Academy, Gymnastics Camp of the Royal Spanish Gymnastics Federation and The Global Esports Academy. Each of them has a unique approach that has allowed us to become more attractive within the industry.

Likewise, from CSE, we have comprehensively managed, conceptualized and produced various events within the project “Riyadh Season 2019”; the largest cultural and entertainment program in the history of Saudi Arabia targeting a broad and diverse global audience. Among them, we highlight, Police Academy, a car stunt show with more than 20 years of experience inspired by the original Hollywood movie; and Sim Racing, a competition of 45 car simulators in frenetic races with the presence of professional drivers.

To date, we have representatives in more than 67 countries, a first-rate national team trained and qualified in the sports, training, international and commercial sectors that allows us to successfully host more than 3,500 children and young people, of more than 85 countries, in our national and international campuses.

At Campus and Sports Events we have the commitment and strength to continue generating unique and unforgettable experiences. We still have a lot to live and create!

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